24 April 2014

Finding My Inner Grunge

Since having my hair cut my style has been a little mixed, I have lost a little of what I was, who I am.

It has also given me an opportunity to try and restyle myself, so I have been looking for some gorgeous pieces to put together .

They are quite grungy in places, but I love the first look with this gorgeous mustard coloured dress and purple boots, I think it looks great and teamed with a cream jacket makes it oober casual.

The dress on it's own would be beautiful with a pair of plain heels and the jacket and boots are both key pieces to a wardrobe.

Dress by Orla Kiely for People Tree
Blazer by Reiss
Boots by Dr Martens

Next, well as everyone loves a black outfit, I thought these all go super well together, I know I am including Sun Jellies again but they are perfect for a busy mum on the run, great for rain or shine and go with everything.

This is a great smart causal look for town and could easily be made glam for a night out with heels.

Trousers from Reiss
Jacket from People Tree
Vest by Hello Apparel from Southwood Stores
Shoes by Sun Jellies

Although the Reiss trousers do seem pricey they are a key piece, I bought a pair of work trousers from them a few years ago, they still look as good as the day I bought them.

I am sure these outfits aren't to everyone's tastes especially the first one but having tried the boots on they aren't the same as normal DM's the leather is super soft and they are a great purple colour.


  1. I love that boots, blazer and boots combo! Not that it would look good on me - for some reason I've just never suited DMs. Wonder if you have to be super skinny or tall to wear them?! Anyhow think they'd suit you and your hair ;) nice to meet you on Saturday! x

    1. Aww thank you. I think it is a strong look, these DMs because they were soft leather looked really great on. Didn't think i'd suit them either. Lovely to meet you too :)


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