14 April 2014

Mental Health and Me

Last week I spoke to someone from the Let's Talk team in Nottingham, having suffered with unexplained pain for the last 8-9 months it has taken it's toll. There is no fuse anymore not even a short one, I lose my temper over silly things quite quickly and worry about everything, from the bee on the floor dying to sending my son to school with a grape in case he chokes.

I have no idea why I am this way or have started with these fears and feelings, but something is obviously wrong so I have been referred for CBT (Cognitive Behaviroual Therapy).

I saw a counsellor when I was at school and after the birth of my son a Perinatal Mental Health Nurse came to see me to help me with my PND.

So I guess I am predisposed to mental health problems but what with the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (although this is something that can never be 100% diagnosed) it has just gotten to much, thoughts and feelings that I shouldn't be having are there again.

Day's, although that is all they are, where the darkness sets in and I feel close the edge of a pit I know only too well.

Staring at the ever further away light at the end of the tunnel, but I know I need to be better for my children.

I used to use my blog to post about my feelings but it got a little like I was talking to myself, but maybe that is who I need to talk too.

More to come on my journey with some CBT and Fibromyalgia and if anyone has been through CBT I would love to hear more about whether it helped or not.


  1. I Had my first CBT appointment today after waiting nearly 9 weeks
    Ive blogged about it but to be honest it was just a getting to know you session really.
    but I will be blogging through my experience.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I have been over and read your post and it is very interesting. I'll probably be waiting this long too but hopefully it will be worth it, I have waited this long anyway. Interesting what they pick up on, i'll be posting about my time with the CBT Therapist as well.

  2. my lovely i suffered PND and i still suffer from PSS and i had intensive CBT when i was first diagnosed .. It is hard work in that it challenges you to behave in a way in you are not comfortable .. but then thats the point your current stress and behaviours are the ones that are not necessarily normal (i hate that phrase!)

    I am free for a meet up if you are once the kids are back at school xx


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