28 May 2014

Prettiness in the Park

I have been working hard on my photography lately, finding beauty with the macro option.

I don't own an SLR so am making do with a Panasonic Lumix compact digital camera, it takes good pictures and until I can afford an SLR or similar it will have to do.

On a trip to the park at the weekend, whilst the children were playing in the sensory garden I stopped and used the time to take some close up snaps of the flowers and bees visiting them.

The colours and shapes of these flowers always manage to amaze me, nature is so talented and beautiful.

I am yet to find all the functions on my camera and would love to learn more, what is your favourite function on your camera and what do you love to take pictures of?


  1. Stunning photos. Just shows you don't need an SLR to get great photos.

    1. Aww thank you, I would love one but is currently on my birthday and christmas list for the next few years ;)


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