6 May 2014

Princess Fairy Cakes - Toddler Fun

My daughter loves helping me to bake cakes, so when I spotted these princess cake cases and icing cake toppers I knew they would make it all the more enjoyable.

For this you'll need a basic Victoria sponge recipe, I use my old faithful Be-Ro recipe which I pop everything in the mixer and it never fails.

Once mixed, pop in to the cake cases and the once cooked we made pink icing, placed some super snazzy pink sprinkles on and then the cake toppers.

And voila, easy peasy pretty cakes that take about just the right amount of time for the attention span of a small child. They taste pretty nice too ;)

I love the time me and her spend baking, it is a great way to spend time together and always means we get to enjoy something afterwards.

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  1. I love baking with daughter even tho we make lots mess but that's fun of it x


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