7 June 2014

A Novel Gift Review

I love bunting, it is a simple yet effective way of making a space look pretty and can brighten up a dull wall too.

So when I was offered a piece of beautiful bunting from A Novel Gift I looked forward to finding a new home for it somewhere in the house.

You can choose from several different books and several coloured threads and ribbons so you can personalise your bunting, I went for Sherlock Holmes as we love watching Elementary and Sherlock.

I chose purple thread and ribbons to go with our bedroom and also our dining room so I could choose between the two places to hang it.

In the end though I put it in the bedroom  above the bed, where it looks stunning and really breaks up what is currently an empty wall.

I really love the bunting, if you know someone that loves books this would make a great gift, it would also make the perfect bunting for a wedding or party.

Being made from old books it is the perfect up-cycled piece and is handmade to order, so you know you are getting something unique.

It's really light so can be secured with blu-tak or if you have some I used wash tape, it not only secures it perfectly but looks great too.

The bunting is £12 and has 10 flags on it, each with a button or ribbon in the centre. I absolutely love this bunting and have enjoyed reading the snippets of the book on each page

As well as this beautiful bunting, you can also find some gorgeous unique cards and prints all book themed. Laura who owns and makes these beautiful items also has a wonderful blog, it's a really lovely read so if you like to find new blogs to look at then do pop on over and say 'hi'.

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