27 June 2014

My Word of the Week

This week saw me turn a year older, in fact it's a whole 21 years since I celebrated my 11th birthday.

So my word of the week relates to this, I had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love and I mean lots of love.

So my word of the week has to be...

Grateful because of the beautiful people in my life, from my beautiful family who treated me to breakfast in bed and flowers. To my wonderful friend whom I have never actually met, but who means so much to me and sent me a lovely basket with wine and a gorgeous plant in (you know who you are). To the wonderful Kelly at Sun Jellies who sent me a little something and to everyone who texted and left messages on my Facebook wall.

Grateful to my wonderful mum who arranged a family get together and made me a cake and to my next door neighbour who plied me with some rather potent Pimms.

Grateful for my albeit slightly ailing health, but that I get to spend every day with my beautiful little family.

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  1. A really lovely word and post. Milestones do make you stop, think and reflect, and what a great word to come up with after reflection. Happy belated birthday, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


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