3 June 2014

Return of the Original Jelly Bag - My 80s Dream

Once upon a time in the 80s, there was a young girl who wanted a jelly bag so much, but money was tight so she never got to own one. Ok, so enough of the sob story and me showing my age, yes that girl was me and no it doesn’t bother me, that’s just how it was.

However, thanks to Sun Jellies my jelly bag dream was realised last weekend. I was like a small child when I opened up my parcel. The bag  was unclipped for easier shipping , which meant I had the privilege of putting it together. Much to my dismay my pink loving three year old daughter quickly swooped it up and walked off with it, proves jelly bags haven’t lost their appeal then.

Having managed to persuade her that it was too big for her I managed to gain control of the bag, for now, but she does look cute in her 'princess' jellies as she calls them ;)

Now on to the bag itself, in the same jelly material as the shoes it is sturdy and well-made and best of all I love the colour. I opted for pink as I thought it was the perfect summer colour, however it was a difficult decision between this, the coral red and timeless black.

We are going to France in the summer (home of the Meduse Sun Jellies) so I can’t wait to take this around the markets for fresh fruit, veg and cheese as well as to the beach. I think this is where the bag will really come in to its own, not only is it the perfect bag to take my books, sunglasses and sun creams in but it won’t get full of sand, well if it does it can be emptied out. It also looks rather cute with a pair of jelly shoes don’t you think?

I love this bag, I love the colour the design and it is also plenty big enough to fit lots of holiday essentials in, it can also be unclipped again so perfect for fitting into your suitcase.

It even comes in a smaller size in the pink for little girls to be like mum, you know because jellies are cool! Thank you Sun Jellies for bringing back these bags, just like when I listen to Madonna's Dear Jessie, I have been transported back to my childhood. Carefree and feeling like I could take on the world.

The bag costs £10 and is 34x25x25 so it is a decent size and I certainly managed to fit plenty of shopping in.

NB I was sent this bag to review, all words and thoughts and opinions are my own.


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