21 July 2014

Dinosaur Messy Play in the Garden

My daughter loves getting messy in the garden so last week when it was just too nice to be inside I got out the Tuff Spot and filled it with mud, sand, shells, leaves and dinosaurs and she got to get messy and play.

She absolutely love doing this and spent at least two hours getting in there with the dinos!

Not sure about getting in but soon getting down with the dinos...

Lots of fun, it didn't stay looking this near and tidy, by the end of it there was just a mass of sandy mud which I think means it was lots of fun.

It is the perfect activity for getting them to explore and learn about different textures.

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  1. awww Ellie this looks like so much fun! i need one of those tuff spots for Joshua!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  2. So nice to play outside and be exposed to different textures. I can already imagine the different feel of those materials =) #magicmoments


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