12 July 2014

Garden Fun

We had a busy day at home today with some things we'd been putting off around the house, so to keep the children busy we got them both to make some treasure maps and bury something in the garden so me and my husband could find them.

It was lots of fun and proved we don't need to drive anywhere to have outdoor fun, our garden is a bit of a messy jungle at the moment whilst we attempt to renovate it so please excuse the mess.

First of all checking out the map...

Hmm, looking here and there, my sons map skills leave a little to be desired as there were about 3 xs marking the spot...

Dino spotting and also we love these big castor oil leaves, they look so prehistoric...

The previous owners of the house made these fab fern prints in concrete, we call them our fossils and the kids love looking at them...

Getting outside needn't be about being far away from home, you can have just as much fun and fresh air in the garden and we did and loved it.

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  1. Love the map idea that's such a fun thing to do, having garden space is never to be underestimate and looks looks wonderful. I love those big leaves, I'm sure there is a great craft waiting to happen with those. Thanks for joining me for Country Kids

  2. What a great idea for keeping the busy! My daughter loves pirates at the minute so this would go down very well #countrykids

  3. love the "fossils" in your garden, sounds like a great way to keep the kids amused. xx

  4. Aww that looks like fun! When I have so much to do too I just let my son play inour small terrace. No need to travel far but since its open he enjoys it as well =) #countrykids


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