14 July 2014

Painting with Water

My daughter wanted to do some painting the other week but it was late and I didn't fancy getting all the paint and brushes out so instead I offered the chance to paint with water.

She had a little think but liked the sound of it so I got her a pot of water and some paint brushes and outside we went.

I showed her what to do and within a few seconds she'd understood what I was going on about and was painting on the wall outside.

The perfect mess free outdoor activity and great for summer.

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  1. Great idea. Simple and mess free, and costs nothing. Fab!


  2. That's a fabulous idea - thank you for sharing! :-)

  3. Oh yes, I need to remember this one! My daughter's done it at preschool, but I always seem to end up getting paints out - will do it tomorrow, thanks! x

  4. awww Ellie i am loving that idea .. i am going to have to try that one with Joshua!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  5. I used to do this when I was a young'un! #MagicMoments


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