7 July 2014

Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Cookie Bar

Now this recipe isn't mine but I needed to share it with you, i've baked it three times since Liana at My Sugarcoated Life posted the recipe last week and each time it has gone down a storm. Just ask Jaime at The Oliver's Madhouse.

If you like peanut butter, chocolate, cookies and cake this certainly hits every spot, it's moist, tasty and gives the best sugar fix known to man...well maybe thats a little OTT but its darn close.

Here is the cake in all it's glory and the recipe can be found here..

It is the perfect accompaniment to a cuppa and I have made it for my husband as his birthday treat to take to work.


  1. Omg! This looks like heaven to me, I LOVE peanut butter, I have to make this! Thanks for sharing :) xx

    1. Oh it is and actually really simple too, I have made it 3 times in a week (not all for me I might add) :)


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