13 August 2014

Deep Freeze Cold Patches Review

I was recently sent some Deep Freeze Cold Patches to review, an easy to apply cooling patch great for sprains, strains, aches and pains!

If you suffer with as much pain as I do, then you'll know how important cold can be to soothe muscles and this is a great product for on the go, home or at work.

The patches come in individual packets so are easy to pop into a bag to keep with you and the flexible patch allows it to be placed in most areas around the body.

For me, my main areas of complaint are the neck and shoulders. These patches are the perfect size to suit these areas, allowing flexibility to fit over my neck and move with me, they are also particularly good for when lying down as there is nothing bulky like with normal ice packs that would dig into my neck.

These patches offer a great alternative to reaching for paracetamol or ibuprofen which sometimes it isn't possible to take, for example during pregnancy for aches and pains or even swollen feet. I suffered terribly with my neck during pregnancy and could only take paracetamol, something like this would have been perfect.

The cooling effect of the patch itself is difficult to describe but there is a menthol smell to the patch (the patch contains menthol, aloe vera and water in the hydrogel layer) and the only way I can describe it is like eating a really strong mint and then breathing in and getting that cooling effect on the back of your nose and throat.

The patches have an RRP of £1.55 for a single patch and £5.10 for a pack of four patches and can be found in Boots.

NB. I was sent four patches for review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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