8 August 2014

Finding Art & Beauty in Soissons

I didn't want to be blogging whilst on holiday but some of the sites we have seen are so beautiful and worth blogging about whilst still fresh in my mind.

So on a rather miserable and rainy Wednesday we did what any British family would do and head out in the rain!

First Soissons Cathedral, a beautiful place which my short zoom lens just didn't do justice.

A rather apt plaque to the dead of the British Empire who's bodies lay in France, a really lovely tribute and perfect for the anniversary of WW1.

I just had to snap this rather intriguing picture on show of the baby Jesus being breastfed, as a world that continues to judge women and their choices I thought this was rather beautiful. 

And finally onto the old Arsenal, an armoury now turned into a museum currently housing some great art, these are just a few of my favourites.

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