7 September 2014

A Visit to White Post Farm

As a last day of the holidays treat for my son I asked him where he wanted to go and his answer was White Post Farm, so with the weather being nice I packed a picnic and off we went.

White Post Farm is quite the institution around Nottinghamshire, having been around for the last 20 years it was somewhere I visited when I was younger.

First thing to do when we got there was feed the ducks, they were certainly rather hungry...

Lots of animals to see, it's great having chickens roaming round the farm as it allows you to get up close and personal.

The incubation room is a really great way to show children about how life starts, here we are watching to see if any chicks were hatching, there were quite a few babies about including some lambs which were a few days old.

In the barn there is a an indoor play area, slides, sheds with toys and a home corner, this makes a great place for mum and dad to take five. Here you also get the opportunity to hold some of the baby animals, we held a guinea pig and a mouse.

The huge outdoor park is the perfect place for warmer weather, with climbing frames, go-karts and trampolines it's a great way to break up the day and with picnic benches a good place to break for lunch.

We had fun spotting the piggies, they are so big and my son was telling us about their wallowing hole and how they use the mud as suncream, he had learnt about this on his day trip here earlier in the year...

There were plenty of different animals to look at including some rather enchanting deer, I loved the way this fella was just resting his head on the floor, so handsome!

There is plenty of space to run around and more animals to spot, we found this cheeky sheep looking at us through the fence and then two llamas eating the berries off a tree!

There are tractors and combine harvesters to climb aboard to see what it would be life to be a farmer and cows to have a go at 'milking', there is lots to keep them entertained and now they have a crazy golf course too which looked amazing although we didn't have the time to go on it.

We loved this cheeky llama, he stood waiting for us to feed him but we didn't have any four legged animal food so couldn't give him anything, sorry Mr Llama!

And finally onto the these playful little characters! I love meerkats, so inquisitive and very cute and I managed to capture this one just as he looked up at me!

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  1. What a brilliant day out it looks like great fun. What a cheeky meercat too! #CountryKids

  2. Looks like a great day out - love the photos and looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I especially like the photo of the deer.

  3. Looks like you all had a brilliant time, love the photo of the Meerkat. I love the fact that your son could remember all about the wallowing hole for the pigs. Thanks for joining in on Country Kids.

  4. wow some stunning pictures Ellie, we totally love White Post Farm too! .. those meerkats are gorgeous! x

  5. What a lovely day out. Loving the cute playground too


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