24 September 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow - Apples

The apple tree has suffered a bit this year, not sure whether it is down to the fact that there have been less wasps to eat the pests but still, a lot of them seem to have been eaten already. Hopefully there will be a good crop though, we've already have some whoppers.

Last year I made some Gelée De Pomme, as well as lots of apple crumbles and pork with apple sauce and apple gravy, it really is a one tree wonder.

This beauty here, I picked for an apple and blackberry crumble, I had assumed whatever had made the hole in it would have been long gone, but alas not, it was a great big earwig! Needless to say I squealed when I cut in to it, hate anything like that.

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  1. Oh dear! We have apples growing here but most of them have bugs or blight this year - though I have managed 2 crumbles so I shouldn't grumble too much. Your apples look so healthy!
    Thanks for joining in x


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