19 September 2014

Summer Fun with Panda Drinks - Review

We were recently sent some Panda Drinks and summer fun goodies to test out, a great treat for the kids including a book of things to do.

We took the drinks on a picnic, my son will only drink water and even those these are clear and look like water he is no fool and wouldn't even give them a go. My daughter who is a little more adventurous loved them, I had a try and they are a nice blackcurrant flavour.

Using some of the goodies we were sent we played football in at the park, tried to skip in the garden and used the chalk to drawer round our feet and write our names on the wall outside.

The booklet had some timeless classics for us to try like tig, a favourite for my son and his school friends and then more recently, with autumn arriving, conkers. My daughter loved giving skipping a go although at three she did struggle a little.

They are the perfect size bottle for packed lunches and picnics and great size for little hands to hold on to.

My only gripe with these drinks is they contain Acesulfame K, I really don't like artificial sweeteners and prefer a bit of sugar so if this could be changed they'd be on my shopping list.

NB: We were sent the panda drinks and summer fun goodies, all opinions and words are my own.

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