12 October 2014

Busy Breakfasts & Mid Morning Snacks

BelVita have been a favourite in our house for quite some time now, whether it is a quick brekkie for mum or a pre school snack for the kids.

Sometimes if I am in a rush, rather than skipping breakfast I grab a packet of belVita, they are perfect for eating with a coffee and not only are they tasty, they fill you up too.

Being in separate packets they are perfect to pop into a bag for the journey to work or for a busy day doing school drop offs and visiting relatives. They are also my favourite snack to pack on a trip out for the day, allowing everyone to have something to fill them up until we get to our destination.

Slow release energy means that they release carbohydrates over several hours, although not a substitute for a balanced breakfast, these are certainly a better option than skipping breakfast.

I also pop a packet into my lunch bag for a mid morning snack. Munching in these helps me last through tip lunchtime.

These new crunchy biscuits are a bit thicker than the original so not as easy for smaller mouths to eat, but they are as tasty, and with three flavours to choose from there is something for chocolate and fruit lovers alike.

My personal favourite is the chocolate, but I have a sweet tooth so it's not surprising really! The apricot ones have lovely chewy pieces of apricot in and still offer some sweetness for those who aren't too keen on chocolate. The hazelnut are also really tasty and great with a mid morning cup of tea.

BelVita are a definite #morningwin for me and a great addition to my morning routine.

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  1. I agree!! I love having these in the cupboard for one of those grab and run mornings too! Especially with three kids (two on school run) breakfast for Mummy isn't always doable!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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