8 October 2014

Look After Your Back

Whilst reading #52LittleThings over on The Oliver's Madhouse this week, it got me thinking about my neck problems and how important it really is to look after your neck and back.

About five years ago I was sat at the breakfast table, I yawned and did that arm stretch thing you do, immediately a pain shot down my neck and I was pretty much stuck with my neck to one side.

Worst thing was it was a bank holiday, I managed to find a chiropractor that was open and from that point on I have seen one every month since.

Now it's a case of keeping on top of any potential problems, with my fibromyalgia being the source of most pain now it is a constant reminder of just how delicate we really are, and how important our skeleton and our muscles are.

When my son was born my husband had been in a lot of pain for months, he couldn't even move on the day our son was born. Sat in the corner he was probably in more pain than me, he'd certainly had a lot more drugs.

Years of bad trainers and sitting poorly had meant his discs had ruptured, the consultant was shocked that someone so young had such badly herniated discs! Five weeks after my son was born he had major back surgery, and it took about three months for him to fully recover.

Your back is so important and with so many gadgets these days that mean you are constantly looking down I suspect things will only get worse.

I limit the use of iPads in our house, mainly because of the position you sit in to play on them. When I'm on my phone I try and keep it held at face height so as not to be looking down putting much unneeded pressure on my neck.

Your back is so precious and it isn't until you have a bad back or neck you realise just how much it can affect your whole life.

Look after your back, it is so important. This post was bought to your from someone who had a bad nights sleep and has a sore neck this morning.

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  1. awww Ellie i am so pleased it made you think too my lovely .. we need to look after ourselves! xxxxxxxx


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