26 November 2014

Coffee and Hope

As I walked through Nottingham with my daughter yesterday, it was cold, not just the temperature but no one seemed cheerful, the Christmas lights obviously hadn't had the desired effect and instead I could hear people cursing and being generally rude.

I warmed up with a coffee in a new coffee shop, there me and my daughter sat and drank our drinks, so many people head in a book or computer didn't even look up to acknowledge new patrons.

Sometimes a smile is all it takes to make someones day, as we walked back to the tram we walked through a big high street store and as we came out the other end I saw a young man in a door way.

I don't judge how someone gets to be on the street, we all have our problems and sometimes to run away is all that helps. But it was so cold, so bitter and as I walked passed him I couldn't help but feel the need to help in someway.

I could have chucked a few extra pennies on his sleeping bag, but instead I decided to ask him if he'd like a coffee, after all it had been just what had warmed me up ten minutes before.

He said yes please and we took the 30 second walk up to McDonalds, I bought him a Cappuccino liked he'd asked for and walked back, I wondered if he'd thought maybe I wouldn't come back but when I did I could see a little spark in his eyes.

I handed it to him and he told me "I was a good un', maybe so, maybe I was being selfish and wanted the self gratification of helping someone else. But I always believe that it's the small things that make a difference, just smiling at someone as you walk down the street could make them feel differently about their day.

When I was a new mum and was suffering with terrible PND strangers smiles were the difference between a bad day and a good one. 

Yesterdays gift to a stranger took a few minutes and pounds out of my life, but maybe made someone else's faith in humans be that little bit more restored.

I hope in some way he knows I didn't stop thinking about him most of yesterday, whatever the reason, whatever the habit, we all need hope.

I have a few other plans to help people this Christmas and it definitely won't be the last time I get someone a coffee.


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