29 November 2014

My Perfect Festive Christmas Table

I love Christmas dinner, it is an important part of my Christmas day, a time when we can all sit down together without rushing and enjoy yummy food and talk about the day we've had. But we have a bit of a mismatched set of table linen that we've inherited over the years so I would love to replace it all this year, last years was pretty but not that festive!

So when I saw this challenge with Jen over on Love Chic Living, to put together my Christmas table I jumped at the chance.

I have chosen a white table cloth and then added colour and sparkle with crackers, table runners and oven to tableware in a traditional red.

Festive Christmas Table

To go with this, I have chosen some pretty lights, now these are pumpkins but I think they look so pretty and would be great either in a bowl at the end of the table or possibly running down the middle.

I love candles and they always add an element of romanticism, as well as some wonderful condiment dishes and a beautiful cake stand for a Christmas cake or I may go all non traditional and make my new favourite Pumpkin Pie.

Some metal snowflakes to add a bit of texture to the table and then beautiful cutlery, some snow white plates to serve, I love white as it allows you to better see what you are eating.

I can't wait for Christmas dinner, in fact it is safe to say I am starting my prep early this year and will be trying out some new dishes passed on from members of the family.

But the centre piece will be as always Nigella's Redder than Red Cranberry Sauce, I have made it every Christmas Eve for the last few years and it tastes divine and is the perfect accompaniment to Christmas dinner.

NB: This is my entry into the I’m Dreaming of Debenhams Dinnerware competition with Jen at Love Chic Living


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