10 December 2014

Candles for the Home

I love candles in my home, I used to buy cheaper ones but then gave Yankee Candles a go and since then haven't looked back.

Although they are a bit more expensive than normal candles, they need only be on for an hour at a time to give off a beautiful warming scent that fills your home.

At this time of the year, they do some unbelievably divine smelling scents, with my favourite being Snowflake Cookie, this sweet smelling candle reminds me of all things sweet and baking.

I also love the Christmas eve candle, it is a sweet smelling fruity scent and just gives the home a lift on those colder evenings.

They do smaller ones, so you can test them out, this means if you don't like the smell you haven't wasted a lot, but I haven't really found one yet I don't like.

Have you tried Yankee Candles? and if so, which is your favourite scent?


  1. I adore Yankee candles and currently have some of the winters scents .. glistening snow and icicles

    Although i am also loving my Yankee melts .. i have an electric warmer and pop one in and no flames for Joshua to go near :-)

  2. Yankee candles are my favourite. Love the floral smells and the Christmas ones


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