1 December 2014

Passing on the Past

I have a love for all things 80s and am lucky that my mum and dad kept some of my old books from when I was younger.

I have added to the collection with some fabulous charity shop finds and although these are only a few I wanted to share their magic.

So, do you remember any of these?

The top four are ones I have found, I loved Rainbow Bright, the Gummi Bears and the Fluppy Dogs the Care Bears are back now so that shows how timeless they are.

The bottom three were mine as a child, I remember buying The Nite Glo Gang at a school book fair, the front glows in the dark and it is so well read, even now the kids both love it. Snow White and Sleeing Beauty are classics and my daughter loves to look at them. 

I love that I can still read these books to my children and that hopefully I can pass them on to my grandchildren too.

We were going through some toys the other day to giveaway and it suddenly dawned on me that I should save some, my husband still has a box of cars at his parents house, from when he was a child, they always get played with our the kids go round.

It is these moments that are magic, magic because I had them and now my children are enjoying them too.


  1. Absolutely, I have some books and toys from my childhood that I have kept for my children. And, there are definitely some of their toys that will be kept too, to pass on x #MagicMoments

  2. I think I had Snow White! I wish I'd kept the books from my childhood - I don't know what happened to them :( #magicmoments


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