12 January 2015

Science Museum Fun

On New Years Day, as we did this time last year, we headed down to London and visited the Science Museum. There was no traffic about which made the car journey fly by, and except for a slightly busy circle line, the tube was relatively quiet too.

First up we got to explore the launchpad area, this area is perfect for younger children to explore and learn all about science.

Here we are looking at how magnets work and how different lenses change how things look. 

Looking at ice, water and sand and how they all react! This bit was really interesting, I loved the pattern on the glass with the frozen water.

And finally in the launchpad section we watched dry ice on water, it was like it was dancing or ice skating, really beautiful

Once we had finished exploring the launch pad area, we made our way downstairs to the area for under 6's. The children spent ages playing with water, using different pumps and paddles. There were even waterproof smocks provided so no worries about walking around with wet children!

Next to the toddlers hands on science/play area in the basement of the museum, there was an exhibit of household items throughout the years. We had a lot of fun looking through the old objects from the first cooker, hairdryer and televisions, right through to their modern day equivalents.

Finally we looked at the Making the Modern World area, here we got to see the first x-ray machine, after recently watching The Knick in which it showed the first machine being used in the hospital it was really interesting to see one up close. I also recently had an MRI so it was fascinating to see inside the machine and how it worked.

We had lunch in one of the cafes at the museum, which wasn't too expensive, a box of food for the children, with a sandwich, some fruit, veg, a cake and drink cost £4.99. There were also plenty of spaces to eat around the museum if you wanted to take a packed lunch.

On the whole, we had a great day out at the museum, there was something fun for everyone to do and best of all, admission is free, although they do appreciate donations!


  1. Somewhere we want to take Monkey, we tried last year after a Fireman Sam event but they wouldn't let us in with Monkey's Fireman Sam balloon!

    1. Ooh how mean, definitely try and go another time it is well worth a visit :)


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