11 February 2015

Red's True BBQ Nottingham Review

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch night of the new Red's True BBQ restaurant in Nottingham, both my hubby and I love BBQ food, so this was right up our street.

Walking in, the smell of BBQ hits you, it's a lovely smell which reminded me of summer! The restaurant itself is very industrial, with lots of metal, wood and some velvet to soften the atmosphere!

We were shown to our table, where we were presented with the fabulous menu, it looks like a bible and contained the holy grail of a menu. It is fair to say a menu rarely excites me as much as this one did.

First of all we were bought a selection of starters, I don't normally eat chicken wings but these were tasty and done to perfection, the meat was falling off the bones and tasted delicious. The burnt ends were super tasty too and the jalepenos were sooo hot that I couldn't manage them, but the peppered bacon was like a smoked wrapper of loveliness! And finally Mac-N-Cheese balls, oh so tasty!

Whilst sat waiting for the mains we perused the sauces, as they are lined up on each table it means no waiting for sauces once your meal arrives.

For my main, I chose the skirt steak with garlic and herb butter and a side of sweet potato fries, now a lot of people won't have heard of skirt but it is a staple in our house, prepared and cooked well it is a delicious cut of meat. There was a lot, so much so, I had to take some home for lunch the next day, it was equally as good then!

My husband chose the donut burger, now this is not for the faint hearted and is about 2000 calories! However in his words 'it was amazing'. It consists of two beef patties, with bacon, cheese and dirty sauce, sandwiched between two sweet glazed donuts and topped with a giant onion ring. He looked very happy devouring it!

The donuts, they sourced from a small supplier in Leeds and the beef is sourced from the UK, as is most of the meat they serve, with the exception of the Brisket, for which they import USDA approved black angus from Nebraska, purely down to the amount they require being unavailable in the UK. He also had some pulled pork on the side to try, which was very tasty and gave us an excuse to try some of the sauces, the leftovers pulled pork came home with us too.

With lots of craft beers, several house wines, soft drinks and shakes there is something for everyone to enjoy with their meal, each item on the menu also comes with a drinks pairing suggestion, this is useful if you are looking for something to accompany your meal but not sure what.

The kids menu was also unbelievably well thought out and great value at just £6.50 for three courses, a side and a drink. Although we didn't try this the guys there gave us a pack to take home, the pack contained not only everything you need to keep a child entertained but the menu and recipes to take home, we used the Cola BBQ Sauce recipe for some brisket of our own, it was delicious.

If you are in Nottingham or close to the other Red's true BBQ restaurants I can highly recommend a visit, we will certainly be back with the children, their brunch menu looks fantastic and the whole ethos surrounding Red's is one I am happy to support. Local food, cooked well and lovely staff!

Thanks to the Red's team for inviting us, we had a great time and next time i'm going to try the puddings!

NB: I was invited to the Red's launch party in Nottingham, I was under no obligation to write this post but had such a wonderful evening that I wanted to.


  1. Ooh I wish I could try it! They have cornbread on the menu which I'd love to try but there's nothing else I'd be able to order!

    1. Yes, BBQ isn't the easiest place to find veggie options as a main! It is really good though if you could just have sides, are you Vegan or Vegetarian? They do Mac N Cheese and the Sweet Potatoe Fries are good :)


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