24 February 2015

What's Your Driving Style?

We all know someone who’s driving we consider to be a little ropey, have seen better days, my husband and I have done many miles in various cars and driving to France and back we’ve had our fair share of falling outs over his driving.

I think it’s because he takes more risks, he’s been caught speeding a few times and his driving makes be jump because I think he’s going to either crash or be crashed in to.

His new car has many sensors and a few, thankfully, that back me up, one of these is a collision warning, which detects objects in front of you and beeps and a red light flashes on the windscreen in front of you, when this goes off, I know it’s not just me being jumpy!

For example my husband, in my eyes doesn’t start to break when I would, thusly making it feel like we are going to crash. So how great would it be to have something in the car that helps ensure you drive safely?  Something that would mean if he drives safe he saves money.

Would he drive better? I have no idea! Would I dare have it in my car to save money, it would certainly be interesting and if it could save me money on my car insurance then all the better. 

Who do you know who drives badly?

NB This is a collaborative post, all words and thoughts are my own.

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