5 February 2015

Wild Flowers Company Review inc Discount Code

I was recently sent some beautiful flowers in the post by a wonderful little company called Wild Flowers Company.  Wild Flowers Company was set up to offer seasonal, British, farm and love-grown flower arrangements. They are based in Kentish Town in North London, have just launched in the new year, only sell online and solely offer to send on a regular basis flower arrangements (and one-offs arrangements by way of exception). 

Flowers are sourced from UK growers, from Cornwall to Scotland. A sustainable business from which the farmers, the environment and the customers all benefit. The company is also part of The British Flower Collective, a group of passionate British flower growers and arrangers who are working together to put seasonality, local, home grown (and British) back into the flower industry.

The box arrived and was beautifully simple with just a touch of glitz, with the gold stickers sealing the box. I love flowers and somehow receiving them in the post just added to the excitement, who doesn't love receiving things in the post?

Inside the box, the flowers were wrapped in brown paper, tied with simple raffia and attached was a handwritten tag with the names of the flowers, I love this touch, which made it so personal.

Simple and beautiful packaging just makes for a more exciting time opening the flowers.

On opening the paper you are presented with the flowers and attached around the bottom of the flowers is a water pack that has kept the flowers from getting too thirsty. Some of them were a little bit limp, but after being in water for a few hours they perked up.

The flowers had faired well during their journey, they were all still perfectly intact, none were broken or bruised. 

The flowers themselves were beautiful, not something I would have chosen myself but they they all worked so well with each other, it was this fact that made them so special. Not bright and gaudy like supermarket flowers, they were earthy and natural and perfect for this time of the year.

The great thing about these flowers are you don't need to be a florist to arrange them, once I had undone them I placed into a large Kilner jar and they just looked stunning. They fit in with the fireplace and just bring the outside inside.

I adored this display, I really did, once the Narcissus had died the Anemones came out and once they had died the Magnolia buds started to come out so the whole display has lasted over three weeks and is still going strong.

Here is a little bit more about the available subscriptions:

A three posies a week package costs £24 p/w
A weekly package costs £28 p/w
A monthly package costs £32 p/m
A seasonal package costs £128 p/a and delivers four seasonal bunches a year
A pregnancy packages costs £168 p/a and delivers 6 seasonal arrangements over 6 months.
Subscriptions can be one-off, for a specific period (usually for gifts purposes) or on open-ended basis (when buying flowers for oneself).
One-off arrangements can be arranged but only shipped on Thursdays

Why order with Wild Flowers Company?
  • Because the flowers will look nothing like the ones you usually see at the supermarket or online, or even at your local florist.
  • Because our flowers have not travelled for days but instead are cut the day before we ship, because they have not been frozen nor heated to control their flowering, they arrive fresh and last long.
  • Because the flowers are curated every week using what's in season, it creates surprise and anticipation.
  • Because a gift says a lot about you, and this one will show consideration and thoughtfulness as opposed to cheap and easy.
  • Because this is a gesture towards the environment, as there is no air mile attached to it, and it is beneficial to vegetation and pollination.
  • Because one minds the provenance and the conditions in which his purchase have been put together.
  • Because the recurrence/regular delivery shows one cares beyond past the past the tinsel and Christmas cheer.
  • Because one choose quality and sustainability.
If you like what you see and would like to order a beautiful display for yourself or a loved one, perhaps for Valentines Day or Mothers Day or just because then you can 20% off with code MUMD20 until the 31/03/15.

I cannot express enough how much I love these flowers and how impressed I am with them.

NB: I was sent the flowers for the purpose of the review, all opinions and photos are my own.

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