27 May 2015

The Fabulous Bakers Review

We were recently offered some of the new natural range from The Fabulous Bakers, I was looking forward to receiving these, as I knew they would make a fun addition to lunch boxes and a great mid morning snack.

From the fabulous mango and pineapple bars, to the more traditional golden oat flapjacks there is something in the range to suit all tastes.

My son definitely preferred the chip off the old choc flapjacks but I think that may be to do with the fact it has chocolate in, a close second were the raspberry and white chocolatey popcorn bars, although my husband did mention the popcorn tasted a little strange as it was soft.

After checking they were nut free, which they all were, expect the bars of berry good things. I popped one in my sons packed lunch. I love oats as they are a great slow release energy which means they are perfect for the afternoon.

The fruity ones, although they still got eaten were probably not as much liked, possibly they'd suit older children or adults. The bars are packed with honey rather than sugars and sweeteners which are a big no-no in this house, so these bars are something I don't mind the children having as a snack.

For my tastes, they are a little too sweet, although I did like the berry bar so maybe it is a good job the children didn't enjoy them as much.

The packs of four bars are priced at £1.50 and are currently available from Asda, they are a little more than I would normally pay for something like this, however for snacks I can just keep in the  cupboard and that the children will eat and are not full of rubbish, it's a price i'd be willing to pay. The children have been asking to find them when we've in the shop so I don't think this will be the last time we have them.

NB: We were sent these bars for review, all opinions are my own.

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