3 June 2015

Keeping Little Eyes Safe This Summer

We all know that we need to keep our skin safe in the sun, it's just part of daily life in summer, however less emphasis is placed on eyes.

According to Steve Schallhorn, chief medical advisor at Optical Express and one of the world’s leading eye experts, many parents are unaware of how harmful sunlight can be to children’s eyes.

He said: “Even babies are at risk from developing eye problems such as glaucoma later in life if their eyes are exposed to UV rays.

“Children’s lenses are clearer than adults they allow light to pass through much more easily. The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 80% of an individual’s lifetime exposure to UV light will occur before the age of 18.”

So what can you do to protect your children's eyes from those harmful UV Rays?

Steve recommends:

- Babies under the age of six months should be kept out of direct sunlight. “The easiest way to ensure very young babies are protected is to keep them away from sunshine altogether,” advises Steve.

- “All children should wear quality well fitting sunglasses.  Without the UV factor protection carried by the CE mark there is no eye health benefit to wearing sunglasses, so check for this seal of approval". For very young children Steve recommends that parents look for wraparound styles such as Babybanz (available at Optical Express, from £16.95).

- Ensure your youngsters drink plenty of water. “Drinking lots of water will help your kids’ eyes maintain a healthy balance of fluid, preventing them from becoming dehydrated and irritated".

- “A hat that shades your children’s eyes will help to block out harmful light – but they shouldn’t replace wearing sunglasses,” said Steve.

- Older children should only wear sunglasses for their age group, even if they are keen to sport the latest trendy adult styles.

So, how about heading to Optical Express for a family eye test, you could even pick up some sunglasses for all the family whilst you are there.

NB: This is a collaborative post.

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