1 June 2015

Make a Mascot with Cavendish Online

Having recently moved house, Life Insurance is high on our list of things to sort out, we already have it and pay for it monthly but a bigger house and mortgage means we need to increase and extend our cover.

Cavendish Online are an online insurance broker with a difference, they strive to offer the lowest prices and therefore the best value insurance. They have challenged us to make a mascot for them, so we gathered our glue and brainstormed some ideas of what to create.

The children decided they wanted to decorate some foil dishes, quite apt I thought, so we got to it with some tissue paper and feathers for eyelashes.

We added arms and legs and lots of colour...

And here he/she is, we haven't quite decided what it is or what to name it but we floated some ideas, including Ellie after yours truly!

My daughter is pretty smitten by our mascot and to be honest I think I am too, it's rather lovely.

It just proves it doesn't take much to make a cheeky mascot and instead of spending lots of money on one, you can instead offer savings, which is what Cavendish Online do. It's probably why they are recommended by Which? and have been Money Saving Experts top pick for over 8 years.

Here are the savings from a like for like quote, with Cavendish Online and another popular comparison website. With a saving of £24.92 a month or £299.04 a year I think this is great, this could be a weekend away or some money for a rainy day. 

Life insurance is so important, after all no one wants to leave loved ones behind without the security of your home being paid for. So what do you think, are you up for making some savings on a super important insurance? 

You can find Cavendish Online over on twitter and follow the #MakeAMascot hashtag to see what other great mascots bloggers have come up with.

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