26 June 2015

My First Time at BritMums Live

Last weekend saw my first time at BritMums Live, I had heard great things about it for a few years now and I was lucky enough to find my fabulous sponsor, Zoflora to help get me there.

I was up early Friday morning, probably nerves, excitement and the fact it was a bright morning and the sun was shining through the window.

I got on the train in an empty first class, enjoying the journey down there, reading tweets and Facebook posts of other bloggers on their way too.

I met up with a few other bloggers for a drink first, a little bit of dutch courage to be honest before heading to the the fabulous surrounds of The Brewery and Montcalm Hotel.

We were welcomed by the Twirliwoos, I hadn't really heard of them before but my daughter had and she loves the fact I have had my picture with them, I was also given a Twirliwoo headband which she hasn't taken off since Sunday.

The event started with a with a welcome from Suzanne and Jennifer of BritMums and then the first keynote speech from Ella Woodward of Delciouslyella, her journey was really interesting to listen too and it just proves anything is possible.

Followed by the very inspiring Victoria Wright, she made me laugh and bought a tear to my eye with her wonderful insight into growing up with a facial disfigurement and her journey into adult life and having a daughter.

We also attempted and broke a world record, it was a rather apt record of most mummies wrapped in three minutes, we broke the record by one which I think you'll agree is amazing, well done to us all.

I got to make a mood board in a session with a blogger I have long admired, Capture By Lucy's session was absolutely fabulous, I had such a great time and took so much away with me, what my style is and what I need to do to better my blog. I loved making this mood board, everyone says it is very me and I am inclined to agree.

We then got to try some fabulous Lindemans wine, it was a lovely evening so I sampled some of the Rosé which was really refreshing. Myself and a few bloggers then headed to Wagamama for some tea.

After that we headed back to the hotel, I was absolutely shattered so it wasn't long before I headed up to bed.

The following day was an early start, with coffee and pastries being served in The Brewery, the food was really delicious and the granola bars and fruit juices were just what I needed to kick start the day.

The day kicked off with a keynote from Carol Smillie on her fabulous new venture Diary Doll, it was great to hear what she'd been up to. The product itself is something I could really relate too, and although talking pants and periods isn't for everyone, for me and my journey with endometriosis it was a cause close to my heart and I will talk more about it on the blog soon.

Afterwards I went and spoke to Carol, we chatted about Diary Doll, I did a video in the booth they had setup and I got to have my picture taken with her too.

Some of the other fabulous brands there for the event included Santa Maria, Boots, Merci Maman, Super Savvy Me and Parragon Books to name but a few. 

A big wave to Joules, who you'd be mistaken for thinking were my clothing suppliers, I didn't know they were going to be there but I have recently become a huge fan and the skirts I wore are super soft and stretchy so perfect for a mum on the run.

I had an amazing experience chatting to fellow bloggers about their blogs as well as my sponsor Zoflora, so many people had heard of the brand and gave me some hints and tips on how they used it in their home.

I got to meet up with friends and make some new ones, as well as learning so much about how to enhance my blog, make my blogging life easier and lots of tips on SEO, design and much more.

I hope to go back next year, armed with knowledge of how to make the most of the event and hopefully making even more friends.

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