28 July 2015

Diary Doll Pants - Pants with Hidden Protection

Periods! There I said it, i've suffered with heavy periods since I was 13. Nature wasn't kind to me, every month I cried out in pain, all scrunched up on the nurses bed or at home. My mum used to send me to school after a good dose of something called Indian Brandy, I now know it is actually for digestive problems not period pains, however I suffered it because what else could I do.

For me periods were heavy and that often meant stopping or changing my every day activities just because of it, there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find blood on your sheets, nothing worse than not being able to wear certain things around time of the month! It wasn't great, but life doesn't stop for periods, woman are meant to carry on regardless.

But why am I telling you all of this? Well I still have periods, they are still heavy and I have even more responsibility with two children to run around after. So when Carol Smillie did a talk at BritMums Live about her new venture Diary Doll I was intrigued and excited about the product, something I had needed for so long had been invented.

Diary Doll pants are waterproof pants, they look like a normal pair of pretty pants but concealed inside is a waterproof layer, perfect for catching those leaks which had so often blighted my life growing up. Now I know what you're thinking, they are going to be like wearing a shell suit in your undies, but that was not the case, they didn't make me sweat and they didn't feel crinkly.

Diary Doll pants come in a great little fabric bag, perfect to keep in your gym bag or handbag and it means no one will ever know what you are carrying, great for younger girls who might be more embarrassed by something like this.

These are designed to work with your normal sanitary protection for those moments where you need a bit more protection and for me they did just that, i'm grateful that these are now available and that my daughter won't have to face the same embarrassments that I did.

Normal service will now resume and I will continue to talk about craft, days out and clothes but remember, we all have mothers, sisters, daughters and wives who go through this and it isn't something to hide, it is part of life, in fact it is life, without it we wouldn't exist!

Diary Doll are available from John Lewis, Debenhams and Diary Doll online for the price of £14.95, to be fair I have paid this much for a pair of pants before and these are pretty and will hopefully last a long time.

NB: I was sent the Diary Doll pants to form this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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