6 July 2015

Paint a Pot Fun

My daughter and I have written up a bucket list of things we wanted to do together before she heads off to school in September.

Once of those things was paint a pot, with it being my birthday and having nothing else planned, I took this opportunity to tick this one off our bucket list.

I had never been to a paint a pot before so it was all a bit new, but the lady at Razzle Dazzle Pots explained everything to us. First, we each had to choose a piece we wanted to paint, there was so much to choose, everything from animals to plates, bowls to vases, dragons to princesses! Eventually, we made a decision, I chose a vase and my daughter a unicorn.

It turns out that if you chose a blank canvas like a vase it is actually quite difficult to paint, unless you are artistic enough to come up something that is worthy of a place in your home. That said, I think I did quite a good job at creating something at least I am happy with.

My daughters unicorn was as bright and colourful as she is and really captured the essence of being four. I loved how the colours looked dull and lifeless before they were fired, but when we went to pick them up I think we were both surprised at the beautiful bright stripey unicorn that stood before us.

I am really happy with how they turned out and I am really excited to take my son back in the holidays so he can make one too, a great way to make a memory and something you can keep.

We have a few more things to do before she starts school, of which I am sure a few will appear on the blog.


  1. I love keep sakes like this, even better when you've got a memory of making it. A great magic moment! Ali @ mum in a nutshell

    1. Thank you, such a great way to spend time with my daughter and to both have something special we made too :) Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I do like the paint your pottery stuff by us but it is sooooo expensive, I think I need to wait until it won't be just a brown pot that the boys paint!

  3. I love to paint a pot. Lil G does too although I think I love it more! Like you I didn't realise how tough it is to paint something on a blank canvas. #MagicMoments x

  4. Great fun! We have a place like this nearby and it's on our list for a rainy day over the summer :)

  5. Oh wow Ellie, these are brilliant! What a great idea too, I used to love doing things like this and I'm sure POD would too. Once upon a time, I used to do pottery although I haven't painted pots for quite a long time! x

  6. Pottery painting was on my list too, I have been 3 times now and love it, I want to go all the time, I keep going to take the hubby but soemthing happens.
    These look fab xx


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