12 October 2015

Marlenka Honey Cakes Review

Imagine a cake that you can buy and keep in your cupboard for a few months, that emergency pudding or cake for friends or family who pop over unannounced, well with Marlenka cakes you can do just that.

These cakes can keep for up to 90 days, I say can because as my son said to me 'we should have these more often' so I don't think they'd be in our cupboard long.

We were sent some of the honey cocoa nuggets, honey lemon nuggets, honey cake, honey cocoa cake and a couple of the snack bars, which are all great in their own way.

The nuggets were the perfect treat to have with a cup of tea, they were also ideal for me to pop into my Yumbox for work, in fact it was like they were made for the little pot I popped one in. I offered them to all my family that visited and they all thoroughly enjoyed them.

The nuggets themselves look a little like scotch eggs both on the outside and on the inside, they were the ideal bite sized treat and being made of all natural ingredients you are sure to be eating something that isn't too sweet.

The mini cakes are great for one hungry mouth or two not so hungry mouths, we split them into four pieces so we could each try a piece, they are really light though and so easy to eat and don't leave you feeling full. We enjoyed both but surprisingly, we all really liked the plain honey rather than the cocoa honey, no particular reason but considering we all like chocolate it was a bit of a shocker.

These cakes are really tasty, they contain NO Preservatives, Artificial or GM ingredients, Alcohol or Animal Fat, making them a wonderful treat for many people. You can buy them in some cafes around the country, if you fancy giving them a try in your own home then you can order them online. I have a special discount code for you, you can 10% off with code 'themummydiary'.

My only real issue with them is the cost, I think for most they will come in too expensive. If the price could come down a bit then I think these would be the perfect treat for people looking for a cake that isn't filled with preservatives, something a little bit different and more natural.

NB: I was sent these cakes to form a review, all opinions are my own.

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