24 October 2015

Pumpkin Picking, an Autumn Treat

It's half term for us at the moment and with the weather holding out for the time being, we headed to Maxeys Farm Shop for a bit of pumpkin picking. We visited last year and the kids loved it, if you are local to Nottingham I can highly recommend it.

With a wheelbarrow in tow, we headed out into the field to survey the pumpkins and pick the ones we wanted. With prices ranging from £2 to £5 or a bit more for the really big ones, there isn't much difference between buying from a supermarket, except with this you are supporting a small and local business.

There were so many to chose, from teeny tiny ones to some super big ones, ranging in colour from  green to yellow and beautiful orange. Both the children chose their pumpkins, although when we got home my daughter decided she wanted mine, we even found one for Daddy too.

After we checked our pumpkins and examined them in all their pumpkin beauty, we headed to pay. I have often spoken with Katherine the owner of Maxey's and her dedication to making this a great event is wonderful. She gave both the children a lucky dip ticket to take inside to get themselves a little prize, this meant I got to swoon over the many beautiful vegetables, meats, cakes, breads, cheeses and much more that they sell. I did buy a few bits that I needed and we took home our pumpkins and they are now taking pride of place in the lounge until we carve them next week.

This wonderful outdoor activity means you can enjoy what autumn has to offer, wonderful colours and beautiful shapes and if you don't fancy carving your pumpkins then how about some wonderful warming soup or pies?


  1. This looks brill - great photos! I have driven past Maxey's Farm Shop so many times and never been in so will have to pay a visit xxx

  2. Fantastic! Such a fun autumn activity for kids


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