17 February 2016

Barbie Spy Squad Review

It is with great pleasure that we get to review yet another of the awesome and inspiring Barbie dolls that have been bought out for 2016. Barbie Spy Squad is a great new addition to the Barbie team and this time she comes with a kick ass attitude, just don't tell my daughter I said kick ass, she'll only repeat it!

This super action spy Barbie has her own pink spy glasses, pink streak in her hair and is rocking a pink glittery jacket worthy of any super spy, rather lucky my daughters favourite colour is pink then, underneath she is rocking her sleek spy suit in my daughters other favourite colour, purple.

But this Barbie has her own super spy actions and can do forward and backwards flips as well as cartwheel across the room. Using the special handle that is clipped onto her back, you can roll her across the floor and get her to loop and spin into action. My daughter found both putting the handle on and moving her across the floor a little hard to do, she is only tiny for her age though and couldn't quite hold her up in order to run the wheels across the floor, she could however spin her around in the air and thoroughly enjoyed doing this.

We even got a few of her other Barbies out for some Barbie spy squad fun, with our super spy squad Barbie finding out what is happening in The Mummy Diary house, with some funky star glasses on, my daughter was working hard to find out the goings on. Turns out someone had stolen the recipe for my world famous brownies, it has now been recovered...phew

She comes with full moveable arms, hands and legs and has flat shoes so unlike a lot of Barbies she can stand on her own.

Barbie keep coming up with these wonderfully inspiring dolls, my daughter hasn't stopped being a super hero since she got the Barbie Princess Power doll and now with her super secret spy pal she is sure to go and have even more fun.

I personally love her, the pink streak in her hair, oober cool glasses and sparkly coat are definitely my spy goals. Where will your Barbie take you?

Barbie Spy Squad will available on DVD from 15/2/16, in the brand-new film Barbie: Spy Squad, Barbie and her best friends Teresa and Renee transform from hard-working gymnasts to undercover secret agents in this exciting, action-packed adventure. We certainly can't wait to watch the DVD and see what Barbie and her friends get up to.

NB: We were sent the doll to write the review, all pictures and opinions are my own.

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