13 February 2016

Visiting the Fairies at The Trentham Estate

The children had an inset day on Friday, so to make the most of this, we visited The Trentham Estate just outside Stoke on Trent, we had never been before but my mum has often told me about when she used to go with her parents years ago.

The beautiful grounds were once landscaped by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, so called because of his great capabilities, the huge man-made lake which was made from the River Trent is full of wildlife and surrounded by many different species of trees which makes this a perfect spot for bird watching.

We started our visit with lunch at the Italian Garden Tea Room, some hot chocolates warmed us up and then we all had some fabulous food, the cottage pie and soup being particular highlights and the view over the lake whilst we ate was wonderful. After lunch, we headed out to walk around the lake and spot the fairies

This wonderful dandelion sculpture was the perfect place to start, my daughter loves dandelions and is forever searching them out in the summer to blow the clocks and see the time, the seeds on these ones even look like little fairies.

We were given a sheet with the fairy names and locations, to help us find them all, so as we walked round it was great for the children to be able to spot them, some are more hidden than others. They all had their own names and characters and they were well spaced out around the estate.

Next to the estate is the Monkey Forest and you walk past part of the fence whilst circling the lake, we kept our eyes pealed but weren't able to see any monkeys, this may have been as the Monkey Forest was not open yet, we have added it as another place to visit on our list. As we carried on round the lake, we stopped for snacks at the cafe at the other end of the lake, we sat outside and watched the birds as they came to feed, there were so many different ones and it was a welcome stop on our long walk.

Further round, we came across a little train track which takes you down by the river, a great way to have a seat and take it all in. We had so much fun spotting the fairies in their different locations and although the light wasn't great, it did make for some fantastic pictures of them, this one sat on top of the ticket booth looked so stunning and the fairy on the lake was mine and my daughters favourite.

After we'd walked round the lake, we stopped in the gardens and what remains of the old house, this was dismantled some time ago and if what does remain is anything to go by, it would have been a stunning house, the crumbling remains are beautiful and it is so sad that it has fallen into such disrepair.

Next to the house and the tea rooms where we started, is the play area, with several different playgrounds, sandpits and a barefoot walk, there is so much to do and there is no doubting that you could spend a whole day at Trentham. Finally, we headed through the maze, the view from the top of the viewing tower was fantastic. As we walked back down we spotted the last fairy on our list, I loved this one she looked so carefree.

We had such a wonderful time at Trentham, with so much to do in the area I think we'll make a weekend of it at some point and definitely visit again when it's warmer, a picnic on the lakeside would be wonderful.

Whether you are local or visiting the area I can highly recommend this beautiful estate to come and spend a day, see some history, art and wildlife all in one place.


  1. Oh those dandelion sculptures are just amazing. I can imagine that this is a magical and special place.

  2. What a gorgeous looking place - and I loved the dandelions and fairies!

  3. This looks stunning - the fairies are beautiful. I would love to visit!

  4. What a beautiful place - your photos really bring it to life.

    I'd love to visit x x

  5. This looks like the sweetest place! We love fairies and i know my girls would love to visit x

  6. That looks amazing and what a great idea to encourage children to visit.


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