31 March 2016

Pretty Alpines for Your Home & Garden

After repotting some plants, I had some old pots left over that needed some love, so when I spotted a pretty alpine plant at the garden centre I decided to use that to pop in one of the more rustic looking ones.

These hardy plants need very little attention and can survive the harshest of conditions, you can even plant them in rockeries and boarders for pretty shapes and colours.  All you need is some compost or soil from your garden, your plant, a plant pot and a garden trowel.

I loved the shapes of the leaves and the clusters of smaller looking plants on this alpine, there is also a subtle red colour to the tips which makes it look really pretty.

Once you are ready to pot the plant, place some soil/compost into the bottom of the plant pot, you want it so that the plant sits at the right height in the pot, so once you are happy, remove the plant from the plastic pot and give it a try. You might need to add a bit more soil or take some out depending on where it is sitting in the pot, you want it to be sat with the start of the plant in line with the rim. 

Add more soil/compost to fill the pot, pressing down gently under the plant until the plant pot is full and there you have it, one beautiful plant for your garden and definitely on a budget. This only cost me the price of the plant as I had some left over compost from last year.

Finding old pots and cheap alpines is a great way to bring colour and shape into your garden, what do you like to grow in your garden?

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  1. I love the succulent type of alpines because like you say they are so easy to grow, they do most of it themselves! And the best bit is they multiply so from one plant you can split them (once they're established a bit) and have new plants for free! I have some in a hanging basket - three different types - and over the years the hanging basket has populated itself from just these three plants. Yours look fab too #happyandhome

  2. These are gorgeous, I am always amazed by how resilient alpines are, I put some in tubs and old cans on my garden wall and they have grown loads, despite me neglecting them! #happyandhome


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