4 March 2016

Thaikhun Nottingham Review

We love taking the children out to try new foods, so when we were invited to a new Thai Restaurant in Nottingham I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to get them to try something new.

Thaikhun is one of the new restaurants in Nottingham's Victoria Centre food court, offering quick and tasty food in one of the most wonderful settings I’ve ever seen, a mixture of traditional and industrial with a hint of retro kitch it was great for me and the kids loved it too.




Once we were sat down with our menus, the children were given a pencil case with crayons in and their menu to colour, anyone who has ever been out with children, especially on the spur of the moment will know only too well how important these little touches are.


To drink, I chose a smoothie, my daughter an apple juice and my husband some guava juice, they were all welcome after our mornings shopping and very tasty. I would have preferred mine in a glass as it arrived in a plastic cup but that’s just me being picky.

We ordered some starters, a selection with a bit of everything on, a great way to get the children to try some bits they normally wouldn’t. My son loved everything but the fish balls, but that was possibly because of the lemongrass in it, an acquired taste I think you’ll agree.

For mains, my daughter chose from the children’s menu, she loves noodles so we picked her some Chicken Pad Thai Dek, it arrived on a cute melamine plate but was a really good portion, she loved it but didn’t quite manage it all.


My son, being a little more adventurous chose from the proper menu, he had a Chicken Massoman curry with rice, he loved it and the flavour was good and not too spicy.

My husband had the Geang Phed Ped (duck curry) and I had the Khao Mun Gai Tod which was a tasty chicken with coconut rice, this was really lovely and I would definitely choose this rice again, if I had to pick one fault with it would be it was served with quite a lot of lettuce.

Overall the food was well cooked and had plenty of flavour, there was plenty of it and we all really enjoyed it.

The great thing about Thaikhun is that it has a wonderful outdoor area, this will be perfect on warm summer days and into the evening, perfect for meals with family or even romantic date night.


I really loved the atmosphere at Thaikhun, the staff were helpful and polite and bowed as we arrived and left, it made for such an authentic atmosphere and great food and drinks made it all the more exciting. 

We were all really full afterwards so didn't sample the puddings, they sounded great though and I know This Mummy Loves did so check out her blog for some pudding info.

NB: We were invited to Thaikhun to try out their menu, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention lovely, we really enjoyed our visit - so nice to see new places opening up on Notts isn't it x


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