14 March 2016

Top 5 Easy Easter Activities

With an early Easter this year, there is no better time to think of some bright colourful springtime activities to do with the children, especially on the colder and wetter days.

So, I have put together our top five super easy Easter activities.

Top 5 Easy Easter Activities for Children. Easy to make crafts, baking and ideas for easter fun.

Easter Bonnets

These don't have to be expensive, most shops have reasonably priced hats now, or you could make some out of cardboard and tissue paper. We opted for some pre made hats with the addition of some feathers, little chicks, sheep and ribbons.

We started by wrapping the ribbon round the hat, using some sticky dots to attach it, then added on some tissue paper grass and the chicks, sheep and feathers. The sticky dots make it easier for the children to do this themselves, no mess which is always a plus.

Once you've finished your creation you are all ready for Easter and any parades you might have to go to.

Sweetie Filled Carrots

These easy to make sweetie filled carrots are the perfect addition to an Easter party or just as something different to put sweets in for your children on Easter morning.

To make them, all you need is some A4 orange and green card. To start, cut the orange card in half and then roll into a cone shape. Then, stick down with some tape or glue, you may need to clip with a peg until the glue is dry as the card springs back quite easily, if you had some cute easter themed washi tape this would look good too. 

Next, cut off the overhang at the top of the card to make the top of the carrot a circle, then using the green card or some green tissue paper to make yourself a green carrot stalk and stick this in place on the carrot. Now, unless you are intending to fill with lots of eggs, pop some tissue paper or shredded paper in the bottom of the cone and just place some eggs on top.

You could make smaller versions of the carrots by using a quarter of the card or any old bits of card you have lying around, these carrots could also be used as a prize at the end of an easter egg hunt.

Easter Cakes

I love baking with the children, it's a great way of getting them to help me in the kitchen and they can also enjoy the fruits of their labour afterwards. These are almost too easy but they look cute and can be altered to suit everyones tastes, cornflake cakes are by far the easiest of things to make, even for the non-bakers. You'll need chocolate (I use milk), cornflakes, chocolate mini eggs and some cake cases.

Take some chocolate, 200g should do it and melt in a heatproof bowl over some water, once melted add in some cornflakes, no real amount here just keep going until they are all coated and you've mixed them into all of the chocolate.

Once you've mixed all of the cornflakes into the chocolate, place a large spoonful into each cake case, add a few eggs onto each cake and then pop in the fridge to cool and harden.

Serve on a pretty plate at an easter party or just because!

Easter Tree

Each year we have an Easter Tree, don't ask why but we love to decorate a branch or piece of tree we've found with some easter decorations we've either made or found in a shop. It's a simple way of adding a little fun and colour to our home and has definitely become a tradition.

This year I have chosen some pussy willow branches as our tree, we already had a few branches from a winter bouquet so I bought a few more from a local florist. We would normally find a branch from a tree on one of our walks but as these looked so great we used them instead. 

We have some little felt chickens and wooden eggs to add this year, I will add a few more as I find them and we will be making some more over the next few weeks.

Easter Egg Hunt

I love to do Easter Egg Hunts for the children, we don't go overboard on chocolate and just do a few eggs for them to find around the garden, but they love it and if the weather is fine it is the perfect way to get them out in the garden first thing to enjoy the morning sun.

You can buy cheap Easter egg hunt kits from places like Asda for about £1.50, and with some fillable eggs you can add your own chocolates or healthy treats or even something completely different, some little toys or pieces of a puzzle maybe.

These are just a few but there is so much more you can do, whether inside the home or out and about. 

If you are in Nottingham then Rufford Abbey have an Easter trail, you pay £1 and they give you a sheet to follow round the gardens. Once you've found all of the clues you get a chocolate, an easy way to get out and about an enjoy some fresh air and join in the Easter fun without having to set it all up yourself.

Why not check out your local garden centres and some of your favourite spots to visit, they usually have something on, either over Easter weekend or during half term.

I have started a Pinterest page with some of my favourite activites from other fellow bloggers too, there is some great inspiration.


  1. Love the look of the Easter cakes and it is always fun on an easter egg hunt too

    1. The cakes didn't last long I can tell you, no one can resist a cornflake cake in this house.

  2. Ahh we always do an egg hunt - even though I think my daughter's too old for it now! Love those carrot cones too, what a great idea.

    1. No such thing as too old when it comes to searching for chocolate ;-) I'm sure she'd still do it x

  3. Some great ideas, I may even try the cornflake cakes if i can hide a box from hubby!

  4. We have some twigs which light up which I like to decorate each year. I've some new glass egg baubles for this year.

  5. I do like your flower pots filled with eggs - very pretty.

  6. Lovely ideas, you have me quite excited for Easter looking at all these lovely ideas, I must remember some mini eggs for my next round of crispy cakes, it's a lovely way to 'easterify' them.

  7. Oh these are lovely ideas. We have to make an Easter Bonnet for Thursday! I dread it every single year lol x

  8. My daughters are never too old to make Easter cakes... thanks for reminding me how to make them x

  9. I am so excited to have the boys off soon. We are making Easter Cakes tomorrow.

  10. I really like the sweetie filled carrots, I think that would go down well here. Eldest is bunny mad so we should do some Easter inspired crafts x

  11. I love the idea of the Easter tree - I might bring some sticks home from our walk today to make our own x

  12. What a lovely set of activities I love the Easter bonnets very pretty.

  13. Thanks for sharing, this should keep Leo and I busy!

  14. We are planning on making some Easter rice krispie cakes at the weekend

  15. I am babysitting some of Emma's little friends this Friday, I think Easter buns will be on the priority list!xx

  16. Ha! We use exactly the same kind of sticks as you for our 'Easter Tree' :) Beats paying £20 for something you only use once a year!

  17. Fab ideas, very similar to the things we get up to each Easter as well! Fab tip about the sticky dots for the bonnet though, I hadn't thought of that. Must keep that in mind for next year and not stress about PVA glue going everywhere!!


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