9 April 2016

Stagecoach Drama Classes One Term On

My son has been attending the Stagecoach Drama School in Southwell for the past term, he has had a fabulous time and his teachers have had nothing but praise for his outgoing personality, eccentric voices and acting. So much so, that they gave him a special part in the end of term play.

The end of term play this time was their version of The Lion King, it's a well loved film and something most people know, all of the children had made or helped to make their own colourful masks and it was an absolutely amazing play that showed how much time and effort the children and teachers had put in over the 11 week term.

My son has really enjoyed his term at Stagecoach and he has developed some wonderful acting skills, as well as finding a love of dancing.  Stagecoach has definitely built some confidence in my son, to go on stage in front of a room full of people, standing out there with just two other actors is pretty good going.

Here is what Stagecoach have to say about the benefits of their classes, I wholeheartedly agree with what they say here and it has certainly has been the case with my son.

"Acting is a wonderful outlet for our emotions.  Whether it’s laughing together or acting out a tense and dramatic scene, Stagecoach drama classes are a great way to express your feelings.

Dance has always been a part of our culture as a great way to have fun and celebrate, but you may be surprised to learn just how important dancing is in shaping the bodies and minds of children and young adults.

Singing is a powerful tool!  There is evidence that participation in group singing can significantly improve your physical and mental health."

With a term costing a little over £300 I was worried about how much my son would get out of it for the cost, however, it has been great for him. So if you have a child that maybe needs a little more confidence, that little extra push with their abilities then these classes may very well be for them.

NB: We were given a term at Stagecoach in return for our view on the classes. All opinions and photos are my own 

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