19 May 2016

Beautiful Nature

Sometimes I look at what we have become as humans, destroying life, land and our seas. It can be hard to see past it all, but then, in a single moment of utter beauty, I am reminded of what nature has created and still creates now.

With each season comes a different flower, we have just had daffodils, tulips and blossom and then, the beautiful peonies have started to unfurl their spectacular petals.

I bought a couple of reduced bunches from Marks & Spencer on Sunday and wasn't expecting much. But, when we got home with these unloved beauties and put them into some water, they exploded like sprinters, racing to see who could open the fastest.

One of them beat the others hands down and there were many oohs and aahhs, it was like a peacock shaking out its tail feathers, truly beautiful. So, I did what anyone who likes to take pictures would do and got my camera out.

Like a lot of photographers, I still have a lot to learn about how to take pictures, heck, I only took my camera off automatic last year. That aside, it is hard not to take a beautiful picture when the subject itself is so divine. Since I took these pictures, the flowers have changed colour and shape even more which only goes to show how wonderful nature truly is.

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  1. Stunning photos, peonies are my favourite, I treated myself to some last week.


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