24 December 2016

The Princess and the Frog at Nottingham Playhouse

Last year we went to see the Hare and the Tortoise at the Playhouse Nottingham's Neville Studio, it was an absolutely stunning performance, so this year when we were invited back to see The Princess and the Frog how could we say no.

The Neville Studio is a small theatre just off the main building and it allows for a chilled and calm performance, perfect for little ones. The children sit on bean bags at the front of the room and there are seats for parents at the back, it is a great way for them to be part of the show.

The story itself is one of promises and how we shouldn't make promises we can't keep. The princess loses her dad's ball, even though she'd promised him she wouldn't take it off the palace grounds. From there, her journey starts when she meets the frog, and promises him he can come and stay at the castle if he helps her.

Image courtesy of Nottingham Playhouse
But he's a slimy frog and when he turns up at the castle gates she doesn't want to let him in, but she promised and so has to. From there we watch the relationship between the two characters grow, until finally the frog admits he's been cursed and is actually a prince and needed to come to the castle to break the curse.

It is a wonderful tale of friendship, and understanding that first impressions aren't always what they seem.

Image courtesy of Nottingham Playhouse
It is a magnificent and captivating take on a classic story and once again they have made it so delightfully entertaining.

The children all got to take part in the play and for that reason alone I can't praise it enough, it is a most fabulous way to encourage children into theatre and also gives them a bit of confidence to stand up in front of an audience.

With singing, laughter, sadness and hope this story brings everything together and made us feel warm and fuzzy for Christmas.

If you are looking for something to do with your children during the holidays I cannot recommend the The Princess and the Frog enough, it will have you smiling and maybe even thinking about the promises you make.

This play is perfect for younger children aged 4-8 and there is plenty to do before the play starts with crayons and programmes to colour in. My son is aged 8 and he enjoyed the play, as did most of the grown ups.

We were given complimentary tickets to see the play, all words and opinions are my own. Images are my own unless otherwise stated.


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