31 October 2017

Pumpkin Picking - Our Family Tradition

I love Halloween, it feels like the start of the winter activities and I love nothing more than dark evenings snuggled under blankets with candles glowing in the corner, stews bubbling away and thick socks keeping toes warm.

It also means we get to go pumpkin picking, this has become our tradition and something that not only allows us to go and choose that perfect pumpkin ourselves, but also enables the children to see where they come from and that food doesn't just come from the shops.

It also supports a local farm and business and for that I am happy to pay a bit extra for my pumpkins, the guys over at Maxey's have had their pumpkin patch for the last four years and we have visited every year.

Watching it grow and more and more people visit each year has been great and I take my hat off to them in creating something that brings people together.

My two absolutely love choosing their own pumpkins to carve, my son even named his. It is seeing them sat in the fields that really brings home the amount of work that actually goes into producing these these well loved vegetables.

From tiny shoots to bright orange beauties, we should all support our local farmers and ensure that they can carry on producing wonderful foods and memories for years to come.

Did you go pumpkin picking this year or do you have any traditions for you and your family?

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