25 February 2018

World Book Day with Asda - Review

World Book Day! These three words often strike fear into the hearts of parents across the land.  We all know the books our children love to read, but with lives ever increasingly busy making an outfit isn't always easy. Plus if a sewing machine is as alien to you as it is to me, then double-sided sticky tape and velcro can be our saving graces.

But have no fear this year Asda have come up trumps with a great selection of outfits, characters from popular books that have been around for years and then some more modern day ones too.


14 February 2018

Learning Through Play with Chad Valley plus Giveaway

I’ve really loved the Chad Valley toys that we have been sent being part of the play panel.  The main reason being, that in each bundle has been something that’s reminded me of my childhood.

We were sent some of the new selection from the 2018 range and there are some absolutely fantastic items included; toys that reignite my love of play and allow me to reminisce and enjoy time with my children.

Included in the most recent play package was the amazing 6 in 1 Multi Games Table, a 100 Piece Styling Dolls Head and the Be U Jewellery Bead Tree Set.