15 June 2018

A Look at Sneinton Market in Nottingham

Back in its hay day Sneinton Market in Nottingham was considered one of the best markets in the county, a Penny Lane style market that was always busy. Chat to any member of my family and you will hear stories of how great it was.

With the rise of the supermarket though, places such as Sneinton Market became run down and a hub for vandalism and up until a few years ago it was a sad site for the most part.

But with lots of small businsses making a come back, we are now lucky enough to see the start of the regeneration of this once thriving part of Nottingham.
Blend coffee shop has become my favourite haunts for a coffee, cake and yummy toasties. It is a really family friendly place and has an outside area for those warmer days. They also serve a great selection of beers and ciders.

Blend has been host to outdoor cinemas and events and have really helped to bring the area along. Then with the opening of the Fox and Grapes it means that even more of the rundown areas of the market were being regenerated.

Now we have The Watered Garden, Neon Raptor Brewery, Luisa's Vegan Chocolates as well as lots of other small independent shops, food outlets, and popup shops. Add to that some really great street art and it is beginning to look like somewhere people will start to flock too once again.

There are lots of pop up markets both in the square and in the lanes, I purchased a beautiful ring from eLaTion Jewellery last weekend, a lovely lady who has some really beautiful items and this was a lovely way to showcase her jewellery.

In fact this weekend the lanes are host to the Nottingham Craft Beer Festival, a celebration of local beers from some of the great new breweries that have been popping up all over this county in the past few years. So if you like craft beer and are a bit lost for something to do this weekend then there are three sessions to choose from on Friday and Saturday. Plus, you’ll be supporting lots of local crafts people doing what they do best.

This area is a wonderful place to meet friends and have a wander, parking is usually relatively easy with a car park just over the road (first hour free) as well as on street parking, there is also a lovely park and even Stonebridge City Farm within easy reach too. 

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