17 July 2018

The Alchemist Nottingham - Review

A few weeks back, we were invited along to The Alchemist in Nottingham to sample their food and explore their kids menu.

When The Alchemist first opened here, I have to admit, I thought it was just a place for adults; an extravagant cocktail venue, not particularly suitable for the mini folk.

But it appears my first impressions were off and the team invited us along to find out just what they have to offer for the little people as well as us grown ups.

Located in the old Prudential Assurance building, one of Nottingham's finest example of Victorian architecture, the sympathetic interior stylings of The Alchemist made much better use of the space than previous inhabitants had done.

The internal design made great use of an alchemy theme, the walls covered in scientific diagrams and the shelves lined with glass flasks and tubing. Even with the presence of a few hen parties, it still felt pretty chilled out. We were seated in a booth and it felt like we were in a little private bubble of our own.

The children's menus come in a little packet with some crayons, it isn't a huge menu but then kids menus never are; however with a choice of wraps or a bento box, it really didn't need to be as these will satisfy even the fussiest eaters in my opinion.

The kids picked what they wanted and set about colouring in, drawing and playing noughts and crosses. I loved that were were several things for the kids to do in their activity books and it pretty much kept them occupied until our food arrived at the table.


5 July 2018

Almond & Coconut Choc Chip Cookies - Gluten Free Recipe

As I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I have been trying to find some more gluten free cake and biscuit recipes, so when I came across this one I knew I could adapt it and make it something special.

If you love coconut and almonds with a little chocolate chip hit then these are for you, they are kind of like a macaroon with a biscuit twist, everyone in the family loved them, including my normally coconut avoiding children.

gluten free almond and coconut cookies