10 February 2019

Easy to Make Valentines Cards

If you are looking to get crafty with the kids for Valentine's Day and want a simple, easy to make card on a budget then this is for you.

Using some craft bits we already had in our craft boxes along with some left over sweets from my daughters birthday last week, we created these super easy Valentine's Cards.

We used Love Hearts, but you could use any sweet or heart shaped item from whatever you have already. However, I love that the Love Hearts already have words on them, so you don't even have to worry about thinking of something witty for the front of the card.

First up, choose your background for the Love Hearts sweet,  we are using some foam shapes that I picked up from Wilkos ages ago, it was a huge pack for only a few pounds and was well worth it for how long they've lasted.

Equally though you could cut your own shapes out of coloured card, paper or tissue paper.

We used the little Bostik sticky dots to attach the foam shapes and sweets, they are really simple for the kids to use, as well as being super sticky.

Once the shape is firmly in place my daughter opened and sorted (and ate) the Love Hearts, she chose her favourite and in my opinion the best out of some questionable wording on them (think modern day Fax Me) and stuck them to the cards.

...and voila, these really couldn't be any easier, I love that you could make these with any piece of card or paper you have lying round. You could add words to the front if you are feeling witty and you could adapt these with anything you have that is remotely pink, red or whatever colour you fancy.

The lovely Mum in the Madhouse has found some other great crafts and has handily linked to them on her blog. So if you are looking for some 'love' inspired gifts and activities for the week of love then do hop on over.

Finally, I know Valentines isn't everyones cup of tea,  I only ever received one card growing up and that was from my mum, dad and brother as they felt kinda sorry for me. So sod it, I will embrace this day of overly pink nonsense but not at an extravagant cost.

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