18 March 2019

Snowdrops at Hodsock

We visited the Snowdrops at Hodsock Priory several years ago and I have been desperate to go back ever since.

After a terrible time with rain last year the gardens were only open for a couple of weeks, so we made the most of an inset day just before half term and headed there for a few hours.

With the sun shining and the weather most inviting it felt like the perfect opportunity to go. And we weren't disappointed, the wind blew through the trees and the sun shone making it a very tranquil place to sit and reflect.

There is a small cafe in the centre of the woods with a log fire burning throughout the day, the smell of which wafted through the woods and made for a very back to nature experience.

My daughter wore her bridesmaid skirt from my brother's wedding last year and everyone stopped to comment on the small fairy princess darting through the trees and snowdrops.

Hodsock and the Snowdrops was one of my grans favourite places to visit, she loved those tiny delicate white flowers so it felt like we were there to walk amongst them with her.