29 September 2011

A day at the coast, an argument in the making?

Yesterday we went to the coast for the day and after managing to leave only 30 minutes after we'd intended I thought it was a great start.

However as soon as we enter the car park it becomes a slanging match of who should be watching who and where we parked in the car park to in what order a person was getting the stuff out of the back of the car!

It's not just us though everyone is at it! Is this car park cursed or is it just so difficult to get two adults and two children to the coast without an argument.

I try and cast my mind back to when I was a kid but I can't remember whether my mum and dad were the same or whether we are just expecting perfection so when it's not we feel aggrieved.

Anyway, after getting to the beach and only digging at each other a little bit more we spent four lovely hours playing in the sand with our children and eating chips on the beach in the shade of our little tent.

It turned out to be perfection, maybe it was just the 6am start that meant we were both knackered, who knows.

Topped off with a gorgeous tea in Lincoln by the quay I would say it was a brilliant day with gorgeous sunshine....thank you last dregs of summer.

PS I even got to read some of my new book :)

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