30 September 2011

Isn't it getting dark early :(

So I noticed on the way to pick my son up from his Nana and Grandpa's that it was almost dark, it has been lovely these last few days and I am enjoying soaking up the sun but jeez it's nearly winter isn't it!

All this sun is soooo misleading!

The leaves are turning gorgeous reds and oranges and Halloween stuff is on the supermarket shelves, I have even seen mince pies...but the car said it was 30c today and there are mince pies in the shops!

Flowers that had probably bedded down for the rest of the year are all confused and have started blooming again, it's so weird.

Not that i'm complaining, today was lovely and we ate dinner in the garden, I feel so sad to see the last days of summer. I love playing out in the sun with the children and walking around the park with an ice cream, guess I just have to look forward to snuggling under blankets in the winter and wrapping up in layers and lovely jumpers and coats.

But for now pass me my flip flops......

7.15pm last night

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